Saturday, May 25, 2019


I see you and it's okay! I see the mom that works long hours to provide for your little one(s). I see the mom that hides behind the smile fighting back tears. I see the mom that struggles without the support that she needs but never lets her little one(s) see nothing but love and happiness.  I see you because I am you.
Mom it's okay your not alone. There is a lot of woman that have been or is in your shoes. Your doing the best you can. I use try to be the perfect mother. Take it from me, your gonna drive yourself insane. No one is perfect. What you can do is love yourself and your kids. I know at times it gets hard and frustrating.  When your feeling overwhelmed which happens to me all the time, BREATHE! If you need to walk outside just to have that one little moment or lock yourself in the bathroom, do it! I've done this a lot, especially when my little one decides she's going to have a whole fit because she can't deal with life at moment. So its okay while they have their moment you can have your moment to breathe also.
Your little one(s) think that your supermom with the cape and all. So why are you so hard on yourself? Your there to kiss the pain away when they are hurt. When they wake up from a bad dream and crawl into your arms. Have dance parties all over your house even a concert in the bathtub. They don't see your flaws. They see mommy! YOU ARE THEIR SAFE PLACE.
So mom when you think your struggling and you have the world on your shoulders. Look at your little one(s) smile. Look at that sparkle in their eyes.  Look at the beautiful life you created. Your doing everything in your power to give them the best life they can have. You make it happen, regardless of the situation.

You got this, why because your a SUPERHERO!  YOUR SUPERMOM!!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The calling!

Since I was young I loved seeing pregnant women. I just wanted to rub all up on that beautiful belly, in hopes I could fell the baby move or kick. It's truly amazing what our body can do. We are like superheroes, we create and give life! I always wanted to learn more and more about pregnancy and birth. One summer in college I took a midwifery course and instantly fell in love. The class was so exciting and interesting, it was actually my first A in a course. Yeah, believe it lol. Once the class was over I did more research and realize I wanted to go a different route. After some years of after college I heard this crazy word "doula". I've never heard of this alien word before. So me being me, let me just google this.  I did a lot of research about what a doula was....a lot. Then it hit me. This is it, this is what I want to do. But like usual life happens and I pushed a side my dreams. 

Then finally my moment to join the superheroes. Yay, I'm having a baby girl. Looking back, I wish I had doula with her. Even though I did have good support system. But it wasn't until becoming doula myself I realized a lot of my needs wasn't fulfilled. I had no clue until my training that I was giving a stadol. I was so upset, I cried.  I was so set on a unmedicated birth and then to be given medicine really made me feel disappointed in myself. My support didn't know exactly what was giving or the drawback to it. We was just all ready to meet baby girl. 21 hours later she was in my arms and it was the best feeling EVER!